Smriti Photo Disk – Our technical team offers this marvelous service to our clients through which we convert your photographs to a digital format and store them on CDs for your viewing pleasure. You can play them on VCDs and DVDs, browse them on your PCs and take out brilliant hard copies whenever required.

Digital Identity Cards – I-Cards have become an indispensable part of our security driven society. Given the troubled times we are living in, each organisation has to identify its well-wishers at a glance and for this photo I-Cards are the only solution. Smart I-Cards of today also offer added advantages of automating such tasks as attendance, time report, access, etc.

For our political patrons, these I-Cards are a great way of winning voter’s loyalty. In the west these cards are distributed to all party members and sympathisers not only for identification purpose but also for a show of strength. These cards are of great help during rallies and election campaigns.

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