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Started in 1997, Parichay Shrinkhla is a unique publication that blends the reader-friendly features of a magazine with the insight of a biography. Due to this uniqueness it became an instant hit right from the year of its inception.

Parichay Shrinkhla presents to the readers the real person behind the persona. It offers a glimpse into the protagonists life, struggles, aspirations and successes, albeit with objectivity and thorough research. Because of its biographical nature and one-to-one style of presentation Parichay Srinkhla has been innately suited to the needs of our political figures who need to establish an emotional bonding with their constituents.

Parichay Srinkhla connects the protagonist with the readers intimately taking the latter through various facets of their leader’s life. The pages, sprinkled liberally with photographs, offer a visual journey.

The feedback that we have received from the various personalities that have been the cover stories so far, has strengthened our conviction that Parichay Srinkhla is an excellent tool of Public Relations from the point of view of influencing the voting public in a very subtle manner.

In its various ‘avtars’ Parichay comprises Sansad Shrinkhla, Vidhayak Shrinkhla, Pragati Shrinkhla, Pratyashi Parichay and Smriti Shrinkhla.
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