Print Solutions

Printing shouldn’t be a problem. That’s why we approach every printing job with a fresh eye-always looking for a better way; a simpler way, a faster way and a less expensive way to meet your specific needs. Our business is meeting your total printing needs. Whether you need campaign posters, or party brochures and manifestos, we’ll come through for you. We want to work hand in hand with our clients and not independently, providing a guiding hand.

We Provide : Graphic Design Services, Copy Writing & Editing Services, Typesetting & Layout Services, Image Consulting & Management, Quality Printing, Complete Postpress work, Competitive Pricing

Digital Solutions

Audio Visual Presentation - Nothing is as easily understood or as eye catching as when it is seen and heard. We offers special Audio - Visual Presentation services that help you to reach your users in a very interesting way. Our Audio - Visual Presentation services help presenting concepts in a way that is very attractive as well as most easily understood by your target group.

Multimedia Development - A multimedia production combines different media types into a cohesive presentation. These different media types include text, video,
Print Solutions
Digital Solutions
Audio Visual Solutions
Multimedia Development
Web Solutions
Pshri Sub-Domain Services
Total Site Management
Permanent E-mail Accounts
Web Designing
Web Hosting & Domain Services
animation, audio, and graphics. Alone, each of these types are effective but when combined, they can dramatically improve the effectiveness of the presentation.

Our highly skilled design team interacts with clients and brainstorms on their brief. The team then designs and produces content in-house. We specialize in creating web content that’s truly re-useable and cost-effective.

Web Solutions

We design and develop a host of customised eCommerce and Network Connectivity Solutions that connect you directly with your target group. By ensuring uninterrupted and timely flows of information, Our Web solutions help in quicker decision making and sharpen your competitive edge as well as increase efficiencies that result from better supply chain management and lower inventories.

PShri Sub-domain Services - With our websolutions there is no end to the number and extent of things you can do on the Internet to reach people in every part of the world. We can develop an entire channel or site dedicated to any prominent figures of state or country. It will be a separate website or a subdomain on any of our portals.

Total Site Management - We offers our clients a complete site management solution. Right from the creation of content, design of the site, interface for the client, uploading the site and eventually updating and upgrading the site regularly.

Permanent E-mail Accounts - With our portals, we strive to help you exercise choice and assure you of a state-of-art mailing experience. So come join us and keep in touch with your friends and family forever.

Web Designing - We offer cost-effective professional web site design and development services. We can assist you at every step, right from brainstorming on your brief to launching your website on the Internet.

Web Hosting & Domain Services - We offer a complete suite of web hosting solutions tailor-made to match your needs. Our partnership with one of the leading hosting solution providers in the world helps us to provide you with reliable, easy and cost effective hosting solutions. Since domain name is as important as the site itself, we manage this aspect of web hosting as well.